Plastic Bag Mats for the Homeless

Thursdays: 10 AM

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We welcome you to our website! We hope that you find it inspirational and educational. We offer many programs to enrich your faith and life. We look forward to new visitors and continued growth in Christ with current members.

Our Vision: God loves us all. He forgives those who truly believe in Him and gives them peace.

Our Core Values:

We love each other
value fellowshipRed Logo
cherish children
extend helping hands
respect the elderly
support missions generously
manage resources wisely
worship faithfully
pray persistently
welcome everyone
exercise patience in suffering
have a passion to bless others with God’s grace

Our Bedrock Beliefs:

We believe that God is in control
God reveals Himself in Jesus
God loves everyone
God knows our hearts
Jesus is Lord and Savior
God forgives
Jesus died for us
God answers prayers