Jul 26 2014

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Learn to Make Mats for the Homeless

Posted at 5:27 pm under Outreach

What do you do with all the plastic shopping bags that you bring home from the grocery, hardware, or discount stores?

Join us on Thursday mornings at 10 AM to learn to turn these bags into mats for the homeless!

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We flatten the bags . . .                              cut them into strips . . .

Bags Into Mats 004

string the strips together . . .

Bags Into Mats 009

wind them into balls . . .


and crochet them into mats that homeless people can carry with them to sleep on. They are lightweight, easily rinsed off, dry quickly, and roll up for easy transport.

Now all we need is more hands to flatten, cut, string, wind, and crochet – all ages are welcome to join us on Thursdays as we recycle plastic bags into something useful!

For more information, please call the church office at 225.275.7393.


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